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My 150 has been back up and running for probably about 5 months now after being packed away for a year and a half for a remodel. My fish and corals were broken up into smaller tanks and kept at my parents house during that time, which was really great fun.... Trucking water over for topoff and water changes.... Parents ridiculously overfeeding... Great fun...

So I was happy to get my tank set back up at my house. It's a 5x2x2 150 gallon with a synergy overflow on a DIY stand (still haven't finished the doors...and probably won't any time soon ) . DIY adjustable hanging system for the rapidled Corona lights.

Sump is made from a 60 gallon (if I remember correctly) truvu aquarium. Made a custom drain box/sock holder which I have since converted to a filter pad tray. Has a fuge section separated from the return section by baskets of rock rubble.

When I set the tank back up I decided to switch from my reef angel to an Apex controller, and added on the Trident and DOS.

I also have a IM 25 Lagoon AIO that I use as a frag/coral quarantine tank.

So that's the start of my journal! I look forward to updating it as I transfer more corals and fish back into my display and start to grow it out again!
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The things that lived through that should be with you a long time. They have shown their resilience. As have you. Well done. Enjoy the good part now.
Where do you live? You’re likely near other members and can enquire about some captively propagated frags to jump start you’re reboot.
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Where do you live? You’re likely near other members and can en-suite about some captively propagated frags to jump start you’re reboot.
I'm in south San Jose, and that would be great!

Forgot to add, during the remodel I had the engineers make sure the floor was situated to support the tank... The red box is where the tank sits... And that whole area is covered by 1-1/8" T&G plywood...


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Did a slight rescape. Added a little rock to the 2 right structures, moved the right structure a little bit to the left, and moved the left front rock to the back right corner (will likely remove and replace with a smaller rock) might add a little more height to the right rock, but I'm inclined to leave it and let corals grow up to full the space


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A couple corals graduated to the display from the frag tank over the weekend, and a few new fish friends went into quarantine.


McCosker's wrasse, blue streak cleaner wrasse and gold head goby
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so, I have started a coral log to keep track my coral and track growth. Mostly just to see how things progress. I have been debating sharing this or not for various reasons, but ultimately figured some people might find it interesting. Ill update it periodically to show the successes and (hopefully not many) fails. Let me know what you think.