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Found the reason for the mystery 53 lbs package from UPS. Turns out 5 bags of sand (and 3 heaters) went via UPS, and 5 boxes each with 4 bags went via OnTrac. Feel sorry for the Ontrac guy, but hey... it's keeping him employed :D

Dumped in 9 bags into the 200... and it looks closer to Norman's picture above again, maybe should have rinsed the sand first... but whatever that's what filter socks were made for, and it saves me quite a bit of time rinsing. May need more, maybe not, I can't quite see the center of the tank so I don't know how much needs to be pushed between/under rocks, part of me hopes I need a lot more going by various calculators (unless I royally miscalculated due to reading the wrong box) 18 bags gives me 2 inches. Fish will move soon... I feel it in my bones... or that could be the pain of me moving 250 lbs of sand from the front of my house to the fish tank room.

Would drill the 40B and get that ready too but I'm waiting for those flipping bulkheads so I can get the overflow setup on that. And unfortunately the Amazon guys have a habit of not ringing the doorbell they just huck stuff through my front gate.


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Fish have been moved in a.... mostly... successful capture process.

So you have a 300 gallon tub on the floor, oval shaped, 5 feet long in one direction 6 feet long in another direction, what do you do to catch fish? Well you relive that Maui vacation you took, threw some old flip flops on, shorts, and got into the tub. Just like walking through the reefs.... except quite a few more aiptasia and no sand.

This allowed me to move all rocks that had RBTAs on them and put them to one side (more on this later), and then throw out that janky PVC pipe and eggcrate frame I thought I could get clever with to have less rock in the tank and make a huge cave structure (it actually did work as advertised, just for whatever reason at the time didn't have enough rock to completely cover everything... whatever it was a "temporary" tank, and I even removed temporary drainage ditch pipe that I cut up as additional hidey spaces. Yellow tang came first, then Kole tang (which is surprisingly a fast swimmer), and of course my purple tang last.... who f'ing decided to hide behind the pile of rocks with bubble tip anemones on them... and yeah he was ass deep in them too... literally the ONLY fish that I really wanted to keep to have this temporary tank in the first place for all these years.... *SIGH!* catching him was fairly easy after that. All 3 into a bucket, and did a dozen or so cups of new tank water to acclimate rather than just toss them in... Purple tang looking beat, super white, eventually I threw them in (quite literally... hand caught from the bucket and chucked them over the edge of the tank), they immediately went into hiding from the big bad scary boogie monster (aka me) and did notice the Purple tang did color back up to dark purple fairly quickly, didn't realize they color changed from stress so dramatically.

Clowns were super easy to catch, put the huge net over a rock with the anemone they're trying to hide in, pick up rock, flip it over, done. Basket in the 40B with the anemones, clowns are in there as fine as can be. All is happy ... right now. We'll see if anyone jumps over the next couple days.

Oh and UPS guy came too, delivered my brand new Vectra M1 that I got for a little over 50% off retail, sawheet! A quick look shows other stores with them on clearance but they're going to slowly lower the price. Not sure if this was a pricing error (probably was, $299 is a big discount, but $199 is bonkers low)