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I've once again proven myself to be an idiot.

Was transferring my last remaining holygrail baby torch to my frag tank after completing treatment... while i was at it, thought it would be a good idea to pick off the vermetids on the plug.

Between my eyes adjusting from the bright blue lights and under ambient room light, i confused the retracted baby torch for a vermetid spiral. Yep. Picked it and shatter the skeleton before I realized what I had done. :(

Absolutely beside myself. Prior to this mishap, the torch was growing really well, and showing amazing colors that unique to any other HG variant I've seen.

Now hoping there's a slim chance that the bits that remain might regenerate. In all likelihood, I'll lose the HG baby. Crap!

Dunno why i even thought it necessary to pick off the vermetids. Not like there aren't any in my frag tank. Blame it being 3AM...

Then - pic doesn't do it justice (right):

Now - bits and pieces:
Sorry to hear! And good luck! Sometimes they are pretty resilient, all you need is a little speck.


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IM20 Frag

I've yet again screwed up this week... Destroyed half if not most of my collection in this tank. Had a massive flatworm outbreak that's been building for months... finally decided to take care of them by dosing melafix. I've done this before and never really proved to be a problem since I always follow up with 100% WC -- or close to it.

This time, however, I was disastrous. I couldn't get all the water out but figured what's 0.5 - 1 G out of 15 - 20G? The dilution and carbon should solve for anything I miss. Nope.

After refilling, my water was brownish orange and figure it's probably sediment plus ruptured FW juice. But decided to let filter and carbon do their thing. I checked on them last night at 2A and all still looked fine.

Fast forward come this afternoon, about 24 hours since the treatment, and most of my stock is gone. Only thing I can think of is the sediment suffocating the pieces or the toxins from the FWs?

Water has never been this orange after a WC... there were A LOT of FWs this time though... covered everything.


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Target mandarins work great for flatworms. I had hundreds of flatworms in my tank and threw a pair of Target mandarins in there, now I can’t see any flatworms.


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Target mandarins work great for flatworms. I had hundreds of flatworms in my tank and threw a pair of Target mandarins in there, now I can’t see any flatworms.
I used to have a target that worked well... less successful with regular ones though. But there were so many that i had to get them cleared in a hurry ... ironically, to save my corals and frags. But now, nothing to save.

I think the overnight exposure to the toxins / dead flatworms sent my tank into a mini-cycle...or maybe even a full cycle. Haven't had time to test for ammonia to confirm yet.


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Any full tank treatment is Russian Roulette. If it happens again, manually remove them via siphon and treat corals out of the tank. Treat tank only if you actually have to and only after you have done the other 2 things to get the population way down.


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Today better than yesterday?
Ah no...unfortunately. ...except maybe I've accepted the fact that it's near 100% loss vs struggling to try to save the pieces.

Ironically in my struggle to save the corals by moving it to a fresh QT tank actually caused them to decline faster... probably due to ammonia spike from the decaying tissues and nothing to break the ammonia down.

8 scolies, 10 high end chalices, fancy acans, etc are now decorative rockwork...