got ethical husbandry?

Parys salt adventure

Tank info -
I have a 32 Fluval flex
I have a few pieces of live rock in there
Live stock -
two clown fish
Marine Betta
Lawn mower
Watchman goby aswell as a pistol shrink partner with him
Numerous emerald crabs
Handful of hermit crabs
Assortment of snails including a army of zombie snails
(I have coral but I have no idea what any of them are called) :)
I have no idea what this Fosh is called but I have this one aswell
I have a few starter mushrooms that u have placed around my rocks

Aswell as a leather coral that looks very sad please share if you have any ideas
What do you have for providing water flow in the tank? An equipment list helps us know how to give advice too. Welcome to the club and reefing!
I just have what came with the tank it’s a simple intake that gets ran through sponge filters and a bunch of media the through a return pump and back into the tank through this dual nossle flow thing