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For personal reasons I need to step down as President of BAR.

The reasons for this actually reared their heads in January, and after much discussion, the BOD convinced me to stay on for at least two more meetings. Unfortunately, those reasons remain, and I think it best for all involved that I step down immediately. If you have any questions about the club, or wish to help out, please contact any of the current BOD members.

I believe this club to be strong in both BOD leadership and in membership, and I will do everything I can to help the club going forward, I just can't be responsible for its overall running any longer.

Thanks for your support and efforts over the last 2+ years. This club rocks and I am sure it will continue to Rock!

I look forward to seeing you all at meetings!

Rich :D
Thanks guys!

I completely plan on being an active club member! Maybe even part of the BOD - I just don't think I can be responsible for everything anymore. Nothing bad, no real drama, and no hard feelings here! :D
I agree. I can't imagine the club with out you Rich.

For the clubs sake, I hope you stay on in some capacity.
Look Rich, you have to reconsider!

From what I saw just helping out a little on the Feb swap, I can see that the behind the scenes club work can get overwhelming. You guys just need some extra help. I'm willing to pitch in, and I'm sure Arnold would as well.

Just hang in until some more people get up to speed!
I always help out at meetings and events, its a matter of commitment I'm not really terribly keen on :) Its just I was curious what "offical" duties the president had and perhaps instead of having offical duties there could be just general duties that get deligated around to other board members (non-specific title) as what was seen in the past. FOr instance there was one thread mentioning asking locals for donations etc, I'm sure Rich & Gresham have got mucho connections to everything and know who to talk to and how to talk to them, but if joe blow who doesn't know anything about it is asked upon to talk to everyone for donations and the like then it might not be too benificial as opposed to people who have their "comfort levels" talking with those people.. ie LFS owners that know you by name.
Check the by laws link on the BAR site.
The official duties and the reality of what has to get done often have a disconnect.
Part of the current issue is that things do get delegated, but what happens when they don't get done, but still have to get done? :D
I have received several very nice messages about my work for the club, and several asking me to stay on with ideas on how to make that doable (thanks BTW!). I am entertaining the idea of staying on until the next election because there are several people who say they are willing to work with/on the BOD and make me feel like everything is not in my lap. :D We'll talk about it on Saturday.

Heres, the thing Mike. I don't think it makes sense to continue to rely on people who already have the connections or already know how to talk to LFS owners because one day they may not want to do it anymore and then the club is stuck starting from scratch. The know how and the connections were made by going out and doing it, nothing more. :D I think any BOD position should be doable by anyone. Furthermore, when one person is thought of as 'the' person, burn out happens quicker and less help tends to be forthcoming because it is assumed that things are taken care of.
The issues I have seen with BAR and BARE are issues of burn out brought on by too few people doing too much of the work. This needs to change if the club is going to last into the future. To that end, if I decide to stay on, I will only do so until the next 'election' in November, as I think staying on as President longer will be a disservice to the club at large. New blood leadership is critical to an organization like BAR, and we need to find a way to develop it.

Lefty said:
Lets talk about it Saturday before the meeting - ASAP @ 12:15?
Yikes, that is early for me... I'll need to reschedule some classes. I'll get there but may be late... 12:30.

Lefty said:
I am entertaining the idea of staying on until the next election because there are several people who say they are willing to work with/on the BOD and make me feel like everything is not in my lap. :D
Quit entertaining and just do it. I'll help out as one of the several people, ok? Your lap will be your own business though! :)
Some donations only are given to BAR due to whom asked for them in some cases, so yes, it does IMo depend on whom is asking for them and their connection with said donor.

Just a FYI, our idea of the club, and the LFS owners/manufacturers are completely different in many cases.