PSA: PG&E announces potential for blackouts due to high winds for Bay Area and Central Valley

We’re you affected by the power outage?

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Yea I’m not in an hoa fortunately but I’m hoping my neighbors are cool with a little hum overnight if needed. I’m hoping this is getting blown way out of proportion.


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Blech. Received word that in the entire huge Mt. Diablo school district only four schools are in the zone. Of course, mine is included, so we are checking natural light and all that now, though I only care about the tanks. Was planning to go out of town Thurs AM, so fingers crossed for lighter winds and cancellation of outages.

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I figure if the power goes out citywide, the police will have more important complaints to worry about…

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For those who are wondering if they will be affected here is the map of the affected cities

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I don't think this is correct. They added Marin and Sonoma counties today as well. I'm not sure what else might have been added since this map was published.


Basically look at where they may be green (trees) on those maps, that's where they'll cut power most likely :D
It is not as simple as that. They are cutting power to the large high-tension lines that feed downstream regions, because they cross areas at risk. The fires last year weren’t from lines terminating in those remote rural areas, they were from lines passing overhead going to population centers, as far as I understand it.


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At this point I think they have to shut the power off even if they really don’t have too since the outrage over a false flag campaign to get us to stockpile gas and batteries like it’s the end of times would be quite high I imagine.
5-7 days would be absolutely insane if that happened in any relatively populated area.

I can see poor air quality going through the roof if tens of thousands of people start firing up their gas generators overnight to deal with power outages that become "the new norm"


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Makes Colorado look better and better. :) I’m sure there will be some natural disaster or something some day here. I’ll let you know when that’s the case.


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We were told today that it may be 5 to 7 days without power on the peninsula coast (unincorporated san mateo county). I have a 4.5KW dual fuel invertor gen and 6 full bottles of propane for day time use (too noisy for night - 54dB my a$$). But I also have 175Ah of battery back-up power (simple to set up - just get a battery tender, a marine deep cycle SLA battery as big as you like, and as many tunze safety connectors as you need, and it will switch over automatically when the power goes out - love my tunzes -should last about 4 days). They even work from 12V solar panels. Bad news is I have a second reef that I have all the power back-up parts in place, except the Tunze safety connectors. Ironically, I ordered the parts last week just in case, and they were due for delivery tomorrow, but CHP is shutting Highway 1 as a precaution, so UPS won't be able to deliver anymore...

Sadly, although I have a huge number of solar panels, I haven't been able to find somebody to install and isolator switch and dedicated power outlet, so they are useless for the power outage

Good luck folks - we'll need it!


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5-7 days is just insanity! If the city goes dark for that long the thrives and looters will be running wild. Traffic will be a bigger mess than it already is due to signal lights and road closers. If you have electric appliances you can’t cook. You can eat out, all the restaurants will be closed. We’ll turn into Gotham city all dark waiting for Batman to come save us.