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Maybe get some sand or rocks from @thephoreefer post treatment to ensure good bacteria have a leg up? If you're going scorched earth on all the gram-negative bacteria, they're pretty much all starting out at the same levels after treatment.

I have noticed that cipro definitely does not eradicate nitrifying bacteria. After a few in tank treatments sessions, the tanks are still very much capable of processing ammonia and nitrite.
But that's only a portion of the bacteria. There's a whole microbiome that live directly in/on/around the corals are probably being disrupted.

There's a lot of new work looking into beneficial types of bacteria in and around corals: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41396-018-0323-6 that can aid in reducing stress-related events like bleaching, infection by Vibrio coralliilyticus, or death.

Very crude analogy, but after antibiotic treatment, a lot of people find their gut flora destroyed and have a lot of issues with digestion for weeks. Some people get fecal transplants in extreme cases.

So I figure there's no risk here in introducing donor rock/sand/frags from a known healthy tank to hopefully outcompete or colonize before any pathogenic bacteria take hold.
I was disappointed in my pH levels after installing a co2 scrubber and it turns out it was because my skimmer wasn’t pulling in enough air. I was using a Nyos Quantum 120 and swapped it out with my old Reef Octopus Regal 150 that had a VarioS 2 pump.

Before I was getting between a pH range of 8-8.2. Well, here’s what I get now:


My solenoid automatically opens every so often now to suck in room air instead of scrubbed air, especially when I’m on vacation and no one’s home.
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what did you use to measure co2?


Telaire Ventostat T8100-D 18W15 CO2 Ventilation Controller connected to an ASM module.

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Water I have is likely pretty clean and not at fault. I even had a 20” chloramine monster filter in the RO/DI setup. I’ve changed the filters too. So I doubt that’s the issue. I’ve run ICPs as well and of course everything looks fine.

It’s very likely bacterial since ciprofloxacin does improve drastically when used, but the in tank treatment didn’t seem to eliminate the bacteria completely. Enough seemed to survive and wasn’t outcompeted by “good” bacteria that it eventually made a comeback. We’ll have to see if a longer antibiotic treatment works.

An update on my very likely bacterial infection. I used cipro for a 7-day treatment and everything seemed to go well, then I followed up with a 5-day erythromycin treatment. This is extreme, but the problem I was having kept coming back after a 5-day cipro treatment. Erythromycin was definitely a much harsher treatment than cipro on the coral. Most acros seemed unhappy and went very pale or brown. While most things seem to be on the rebound, I think some coral may be too far gone to recover. I’m cautiously optimistic because last time after a cipro treatment things were good for a bit, to only back downhill again 2-3 months later.

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