Ryan’s 40G first reef

I had one for many years but never knew what it was. I’ll look around under that name and see what I see. Thanks.
Any idea where they come from or what they are especially good for off the top off your memory?
Ours came from Bali. You should see them on Indo lists, and even Cebu (PI) IIRC. Bali/Indo will be cheaper and will spend less time in the CoC (chain of custody)


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Picked up 2 more gonis and a torch at CFM! I’m manning the bar booth so I might come home with more later today.


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Params are getting much more stable now that the tank has passed the 6 month old mark!
SG: 1.026
PH: 8.2ish
ALK: 10
CALC: 450
MAG: 1450
N: 8-10 dosing 1ml of homemade liquid sodium nitrate per day
P: 0.03-0.08 swinging but trending up :(