got ethical husbandry?

Featured Salty_Taste650: Innovative Marine 50Gal Lagoon

* If deciding to shut down tanks, will be near end of the year * No fish / Coral / Equipment Available Currently

Bummer: Not related to my build thread but my Pops is planning to tear down his 2 display tanks (150g + 180g). I think he lost interest after having tanks for 25 years (basically when I was born). I offered to help re - scape his tank to liven it up a bit but I think he wants to travel the world instead carefree. If that happens, I have some fish that need to be rehomed sometime later this year:

- Tahiti Achilles Tang
- Sri Lanka Powder Blue Tang
- CopperBand Butterfly
- Hawaiian Yellow Eye Kole Tang
- Purple Tang
- Blonde Naso Tang w/ Streamers
- Supermale Lineatus
- Super Black True Percula Bonded Pair
- Copperband Butterfly
- Royal Gramma
- Red Sea Yellow Belly Regal
- ORA Neon Gobies (2)

Lots of live rock 20 year old will need to be rehomed (Fiji , Marshall Island)

Corals: I get first dibs of course. but they will need to be moved.
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I hope you will be very particular when it comes to the new homes for those fish.
The fish deserve it!
Time for you to take over! Keep your favorites and one of the tanks.
That is something I have considered! Would make it softy /LPS if I go that route just because of ease of routine maintenance. Decisions Decisions... I would want to keep all of the fish which is a big problem LOL
04/12/2024: 1 Year w/ Innovative Marine 50 Galloon

: First 3 Months w/ Tank
- 1st time upgrading tank from IM 14 Gal Peninsula Nano (Lost Mother Colony Koji Wada)
- QT w/ Medicine for Fish (Had to go 3 months w/ no fish to make sure out of system)
- Bacteria Infection (Lost Frank Bounce + OG Bounce)

Been through a lot w/ the tank and yes I lost some gems.... I was able to limit the negatives to 1 hand count and still kicking so we can call it a WIN.
Tank salinity bounced from 29 to 37, Nitrate hit 200+ highest during my internship where I just had absolutely no time for my tank yet corals never really showed me any signs of distress

- Approaching 1k Followers on IG (Lots of support from YouTubers / Companies / developing relationships w/ Inspirational Individuals)
- Taking on New Challenges being apart of BAR
- Corals are dialed in able to withstand big flux of environment (Growth, Multiplying)
- New Re-Scape w/ Tonga Branches
- Dream Pair of Clownfish + Mystery guest currently in QT

Can't wait to get some free time to shoot some updated pics of everything. Till then the goal remains the same, growth and consistency.

Maintenance: Change Water whenever I remember, Test every few months (Nitrate + Phosphate), No ATO setup, No controllers. No Skimmer
Dosing: Chaetogrow + Iodine

Goal this year is to start fragging : Sharing my specimens to make sure I have backups in good hands :)

Softie + LPS Tank is Perfect for me!
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04/15 Update: Straight out the camera no edits!

Front View

Left Side
Screenshot 2024-04-15 at 12.30.34.png

Right Side
Screenshot 2024-04-15 at 12.31.24.png
How’s the copperband doing?
Copperband Update:
I noticed over the past couple of weeks the copper band is always swimming against the glass much like a tang fighting itself seeing its reflection. She goes after brine shrimp in the water column so no issues regarding eating. Since my initial post, she eats mysis + Aptasia as well. I thought it could be bacterial but no stringy poop. In addition, when first picking up, was in a tank with copper for 3 weeks.

Anyone have an idea why she reacts like this? I'll try to get a video sometime tomorrow for an update.
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Curious if it would eat some of the softer foods like Nutramar pellets or masstick bunched up in an old shell? I remember the one we had would murder bristleworms too. To the point where they would only come out at night.