Reef nutrition

Thesassyindian's 13.5 gallon m̶o̶n̶e̶y̶ ̶p̶i̶t̶ nano mixed reef


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Was told that the tank peripherals were becoming an eyesore.


I think it turned out quite nice:


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List of tank inhabitants as of today:

  1. 2x Ocellaris Clowns
  2. 1x Randalls Goby
  3. 1x Candy Stripe Pistol Shrimp
  1. GSP
  2. Green tipped torch
  3. Pink goniopora
  4. Eagle Eye zoa
  5. Illuminati zoa
  6. Rasta zoa
  7. Orange Bam Bam zoa
  8. Utter chaos zoa
  9. Red monti cap
  10. Orange acan lord
  11. Red acan lord
  12. Duncan
  13. Frogspawn
  14. Rainbow pocillopora
  15. Forest fire digitata
  16. Purple stylophora
  17. Red planet acropora
  18. Blue tipped stag
  19. Garf bonsai acropora
  20. Indo-Gold branching hammer
  1. 1x Tiger Conch
  2. 3x Nassarius snails
  3. 2x Blue legged hermit crabs
  4. 2x Adult Trochus snails
  5. 8x Trochus snail babies (bred in the tank)


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Ok so I need to change this rats nest to a better, cleaner setup with some more sophisticated tank automation. I am afterall a Roboticist:

Current setup:
1. Kamoer single channel doser, dosing Alkalinity
2. Tank automation through a WiFi smart strip.
All stuffed into that black cable organizer under the additives.

New setup:
1. Apex+Trident
2. Single doser changed to Tropic Mario All-for-reef
3. DIY home brew cabinet.
See build thread here



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Something I would like to emphasize, are a couple of sensors that I've found. These work well with Home Assistant and don't need any specific/proprietary hub if you already have Home Assistant set up.
These cost $15 each, and have already alerted to a leak in my RO system that is set up under my bathroom sink.


The leak sensor is sitting under the filter stages of the RODI system, and the temperature sensor is sitting inside the new shiny Apex cabinet to monitor and alert me if the finicky Neptune systems act up.
Will post closeups in the build thread soon.


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Need to make space for the Apex probes in the tiny sump chambers, so need to move stuff around.

Current setup:

Proposed setup:
Is it OK if I reduce the ceramic media to 30% of what I have without severe repercussions?
FWIW, I do have rocks and sand in the tank.



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If really worried about removing some of the ceramic, you could place some under the chemipure section that appears to be currently open space. But it would interfere with the intank rack sliding all the way down. Maybe a 3D printed little box to contain it cleanly so the intank can still slide all the way down.