Volunteers Needed for the Member Frag Swap

As usual...we need a few volunteers to ensure that we have a fun and successful frag swap next month. As of right now, we could use help with general Setup, Check in, and Cleanup..

Thanks to all who have offered to volunteer.
1. Setup: @JVU @MolaMola @georgec
2. Member Check in: @MolaMola @2manyhobbies
3. Frag Tank Setup: @Coral reefer
4. Bonus Round Check in: @Vhuang168 @Kim Pattison
5. Frag Runner during Setup: @glee
6. Announcer: @Wlachnit
7. Coral Police: @sfsuphysics @jonmos75
8. Cleanup: @Apon @tankguy @Alexx
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I can do frag tank setup, or I was thinking a outback offering to run a van service from Bart to the event so people don’t have to worry about parking. It would only be before the event and then people could use Uber or Lyft after.
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Looks like I’ll actually be able to make this! I can help set-up/early side. Need to be at my daughter’s soccer game on the tail end.
Thanks to all who have offered to volunteer. I have updated the top post to reflect where we stand. Perhaps one more member to help cleanup and we may have this thing fully staffed from my perspective!