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What are you bringing to the members swap ?


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now that it’s been announced I’d like to see what some members will be bringing. For starters I’ll be bringing
CB Purple Fusion Acro (2)
Duncans (1)
Orange Cloves (1)
Strawberry Shortcake Acro (1)
John Deer Leptastrea (1)
Tortusuosa Acro (1)
Tropic Thunder Montipora (1)
Jellybean Favia (1)
PC Rainbow (1)
Pink Lemonade (2)
Setosa (1)
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I'll be bringing
Pro Corals Rainbow Acro
Utter chaos paly
Trumpet coral
Purple Monti cap
Green monti cap
Montipora stellata
Wildfire digi
Splatter hammer coral
Ive got probably at least 40 frags to dump...errrrr, I mean, share with y’all! Mostly pretty common stuff, but it’s all fragged up already and starting to grow again.
Lots of purple stylophora and monti
Setosa. Some la lakers monti, orange digitata, green branching porites, pink sand dollar porites, space invader chalice, wanna sex you up mycedium, blue chalice, red stop light chalice (lots) orange leptoseris, orange branching psammacora, Christmas favia, toadstools, orange zoas, 2 Cali torts, maybe a red goniopora, purple haze monti
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Mostly common corals...
  • RR Bleeding Heart Acro
  • Green Goblin Anacropora
  • Copps Calacali Acro
  • M. Spongodes
  • Purple Stylo
  • Sunset Monti
  • Orange Monti cap
  • Green apple Monti cap
  • Red Monti digi
  • Purple Sponge
…...15-20 frags or so

I should note though...that not all of mine will be encrusted
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Normal stuff

Red encrusting monti
Green hydnophora
Green slimed
Joker favia (probably 3 frags)
Rainbow monti
Ora birdnest multi branches (is this one banned? I need to look)
Probably some red Digitata

I may bring some pink diamond zoas. Just fragged then today so it’ll depend how they look.

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Think I'm going to sit this swap out while my tank cycles, I may bring some RBTAs if I can get some out of the tank, and possibly some of my ultra-rare rhodactis mushrooms for the freebe table or something, but I might be tempted to actually pick corals up if I have a picking letter, and I really don't want to put them in my "It's almost time to get rid of it" temporary tank.


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I can brink something as well, but I don't have any fancy things.
1 Green Mantipora
I got some Goiania frags, that I can't put on a plug.
Some Neon Green Mushrooms they look really nice on blue color
1 Red Mushroom
1 Purple zoa (not sure the name)


red hornet
gold maul
purple monster
jawbreaker hornet
scrambled eggs
and probably a few more


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Vamp n drag
Utter chaos
goblins fire
Oompa Loompas
Gold hammer
Mummy eyes chalice

Maybe more

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The plan is

Utter chaos
Red Hornet
Paly Grandis
Blue Granulosa
Walt Disney
ORA Bird Of Paradise
Hairy Rhodactis

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ORA blue echinopora
meteor shower cyphastrea
candy cane
green pocillopora
rasta zoas