Who has a Red Sea Reefer 750XXL?


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I just saw this on r2r



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Looks like problem is not just the 750 but other redseas as well

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That "Ikea like" installation of stands is suspect I guess. Out of curiosity what are the stands made out of? Are they laminated particle board? Plywood?


I have this tank, I got it shortly after it came out. Red Sea sent the same email to me a few days ago and I requested the retrofit support. I don’t have any air bubbles in my seems or excessive sag, but I do have the slightest gap that I can slide a single sheet of paper into in the area of the problem above the middle of the sump.


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The stands on the Reefer Nano, 170, 250 and 350 are made of laminated MDF. I’ve owned all those models. Lol.

The stands on the 425XL-750XXL models are made of laminated pressed plywood. I currently own a 2 year old 250 and in progress of setting up a 525XL. No issues so far.

Hope Red Sea can keep the hysteria under control that’s going on in the FB group page.


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It seems to be effecting only a small number of customers and it’s not a detrimental problem. I feel like they are trying to do right by their customers by even bringing it up with a solution.
I dunno that it's affect a small number of customers, I think there's a real design flaw with that stand. Now the "small number" comes from those who had catastrophic problems with the tank, but you got people like John where there obviously is a problem it just hasn't affected their tank yet.


A gap like that, even if barely the width of paper, is pretty scary.
Any gap at all means there is no support.
It also means the wood is bending on its own, not just from tank weight.
Once there is a gap, there is no pressure pushing the wood down.
So it is likely warping due to moisture from the sump.

It does say a lot about how strong their tanks are though...

Glad they are fixing it.
Yeah, good job them doing this. Where as you have companies like Marineland who basically try to shift the blame back on the consumer saying you weren't using one of THEIR stands. Either way happy I built my stand with a torsion box for a top