Wwc monthly subscription box

Wwc announced that they are doing a subscription box. 99 for 4 frags and promo gear. They are also combining it with eBay so you can ship other frags for free. Anyone want to split it with me? I’m willing to frag them so we all get a piece.

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Yes you can pick the type acro, zoa. I mean it is expensive but it includes shipping. And you can combine it with eBay purchases.

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Shipping is normal $50 on their eBay listings right?

So $50 for 4 frags isn't a bad deal, plus anything you win on their eBay sales gets shipped for free. Sounds like a decent deal if you nned to get coral online.

However, we are spoiled by reef stores (by we, I mean you guys, Modesto has petco....) so it doesn't make sense for this. I can spend $15 in gas to drive to Sacramento or San Jose and spend the other $85 on frags I get to pick.

This service is better for people who live in isolated areas or small towns with no local reef stores. WWC isn't going to send you frags of their high end stuff, you're going to get pretty common and fast growers, that's just the only way this service is going to turn a profit. WWC is a stand up company in the industry but don't expect them to offer this at a loss of profits.


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I wouldn’t be interested in something they pick for me.
That's the major rub for me too. You could get the same coral several months in a row or get something you already have or don't want.

They are trying to jump on the monthly subscription bandwagon, like dollar shave club and makerbox, but this isn't really the industry for it.

I would pay $10/mo for samples of fish food and dosing supplements, maybe, but not a subscription box for corals.

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I think it could work if they let you pick what you wanted. Have a queue like Netflix or whatever. Send you a few at a time. Satisfy the fix, but keep it manageable. Like going to the lfs once a month, from your couch kinda?
If they could get people to commit like 6 months ahead or so what they wanted (and pay for it) they could even grow stuff out on demand in a way.