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That's one of the top reasons i use a 20" first sediment filter. Looks gross quick, but keeps working for a long time. As long as the one after looks ok and pressure Is good nothing to worry about
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Sediment filters that have some junk trapped actually start working better (smaller effective micron size) since the trapped stuff partially blocks the pores and makes them smaller. Up to a point of course.


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Yes, not abnormal.

It is interesting how clean the 1 micron filter is. Seems that most sediment is fairly large.
I always wondered about that.

Want to see something "fun"
Turn off the house water main, drain the water out of pipes, then turn it back on.
It is amazing how much sediment will come out of your pipes as you turn on sinks and so on.
Yeah I’ve done plenty of plumbing work on my house. It’s gross


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Well here is the first stage filter after 5 months. Look at how large the particles are from the canister. Crazy!

Looking at it I think I could have maybe gotten another month out of it.

I also noticed my incoming TDS is only around 130ppm now. So I think there was a very dirty period in December and January.


This is the top of the filter

Bottom of the filter

All the particulate coming out of it

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And the new 5 micron is on the left. It’s still the same 1 micron on the right from 12/1/18

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Yeah, lots of crud in the lines.
Every time I replace mine, I think .... hey ... I drink this water.
Although I do have a carbon filter on the fridge.
For those of you using a Chloramine Monster (or Pentek CRFC20-BB Carbon Filter Cartridge), and put it after sediment and before regular 10" carbons... if testing 0 chlorine after Monster, then the regular 10" carbons would never have to be changed?

For those interested in Chloramine Monster, it's much cheaper to DIY. Save about $100

Pentek CRFC20-BB Carbon Filter Cartridge $113 Amazon
Pentek 20" Big Blue Housing $40 Freshwatersystems (you can get clear or black but it costs more, also the blue plastic is stronger than the clear)

2 x Reducing Bushing, 3/4 X 1/4 In, Poly, Black $3.45 each Grainger (Depending on Housing, could be 1" x 1/4" needed)
2 x John Guest Quick Connect 1/4 x 1/4 threaded (I bought a 10 pack for $10 on eBay, HD about $4 each)
Wall Bracket Big Blue $10 BRS
4 x BOLT FOR 10 AND 20” BIG BLUE RO CANISTERS - 5⁄16" X 1 1⁄4" $0.69 each BRS (or HD probably same or cheaper)


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Adding second membrane and booster pump to RO this week, I hope. If anybody wants to show a pic of their setup I'd love to see it. Trying to decide how to position mine. In @ashburn2k 's tank journal I saw his and @A Aaron


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Thanks, that is helpful. I didn't think I had space on top of the canister holder for the pump how you have yours, but I looked at a photo and I do.


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Yeah, need to make sure it's not touching the metal bracket otherwise it'll make a horrible vibrating noise, but this one at least as little rubber vibration damping "feet" on it so it's fine. Every now and then when I pull out the top set of filters I knock the pump and it lets me know it's not sitting happy :D