Here we go again - Dave's 120 g


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MLK weekend saw me get a chance to upgrade my sump a little. I was still using the tiny 20g I got from the cylinder and it was so cramped!


Thanks to @xcaret I was able to get a 45g acrylic as a base, a few simple baffles and sock holder and a world of difference



Next up will be switching to hard plumbing throughout now I am done getting this finished up.


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Pretty much 2 years now since I set up my 120 and it's looking pretty good with a fairly minimal/simple set up. Here are the compare and contrast photos.


I average 15g water change every 2 weeks, top off with Kalk/Vinegar and feed brine shrimp once daily. Occasionally I will add some Reef Roids and Selcon, but by and large, that's about it, I just leave it alone and enjoy.

Had a few Cyano blooms, so I added in an Ice Cap Gyro 3k, but luckily that's been about it.


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The back wall is covered in coralline that is plating out - I keep having to trim it back as it blocks the overflow teeth. Also, have a tiny frag shelf in the middle which could be what looks like glued on?
The clam is huge, and is, well, happy as a clam :) It came along with the acquisition of the cylinder tank that led to this setup.


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Wow... looks great. That clam looks like it has grown since we took that tank down.
Thanks Will - I am still ever thankful for your help moving that cylinder thingy into what I ended up with now! New Years' resolution is to try and be a little more involved with the club again.


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So it seems that when there are no "problems" to fix in the tank, you find your own problems, just to keep busy :) Next up is to clean up my water making station. I have 2 x 30g totes, one for fresh RODI and the other for mixing my saltwater. Up until last weekend, I was fine pumping the saltwater into 5g containers and hauling them across the garage to my sump for changes, but decided I could just add a line from my reservoir to the sump


Now I am noodling on a diverter valve so I can drain water from my sump using the main return.


The hope here is that I can save my back a little from carrying al the water, automate the water change to a large degree, which in turn may mean I do more changes.

Finally, I have a utility sink coming in order to clean up the RODI station area. Cleaning my skimmer in the kitchen sink isn't always looked well upon :)


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Ok, got my projects mostly complete now in the garage! I tried out my new water change today using the 3-way diverter from my main return. It works pretty cool.


Also got my utility sink plumbed up so I no longer need to clean the skimmer in the kitchen sink!

20191217_120348 (1).jpg