July 16 Frag Swap volunteer signup

Ok it's that time of year, again, where we need people to help us make this thing run smoothly details that can be seen here, so what's needed

Setup 11-11:30am - Putting up/moving tables, signs on table, listening to directions :)
Registration & Coral Running 11:30-12pm.
Registration just checks against members list, and verifies that they have 3 different corals (just look at labels).
Coral runners will first check that corals are labeled, then take corals from registered members to the tables with appropriate signs.
Bonus registration - Those with bonus corals will be checked against lists and given the appropriate number of tickets, you do not need to identify said coral, we're going on the honor system just make sure the name of the coral and the person's handle is on the container.
Frag Swap patrol 12pm-2pm (or swap end). Basically make sure the appropriate picking group is in the coral area, collect bonus tickets in the case of a bonus coral, and be a mean person when people haven't left the picking area after time has expired.
Raffle 11:30-Swap end : If we have raffle items you'll collect money and hand out raffle tickets to people.
Clean up - End of swap until clean. Break down tables, put club goods into container, slap everyone on the back for a good job.

Obviously I'd prefer if you volunteer a specific position (or positions), but if you tell me "put me anywhere" I'll do that too.

Setup - Devon, JVU, B the Nano Reefer, Chromis
Check-In Chromis, MolaMola
Bonus check-in (handing out tickets) - Chromis, Ioncewaslegend
Coral Runners - MuscleBenz + Doris (also if you're "setting up" you can help)
Frag Swap Patrol - ???
Frag Barker - IOnceWasLegend
Clean Up - Apon, JVU, whomever else is willing.

Tables: @Devon -1 table, @JVU -2- 6-foot tables, @MolaMola -1 table.
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As Mike mentioned, we are pushing the event back by 1 hour, so setup starting at 11a, swapping starting at 12p. I edited the times in the first post.
I can bring 1 folding table and 2 chairs.
Table is great, thanks. Chairs not needed as the mezzanine area is a proper restaurant area so there are chairs for people to sit.

@JVU thanks for the 2 tables.

I think we are good for setup, a few people who are "wherever throughout the day" so pieces we can plug in, would like a couple more on check-in/coral runners. A couple of bossy people to tell people to get out of the frag swap area too.

Also a few more tables would be nice
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