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lhuynh's 750 Red Sea Reefer XXL


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The photo is of the LPS. A few zoa, palys, and a leather also came. I got them from Your Reef Aquarium.
You go all the way to Your Reef. I been there a few time. good little store with good owner and decent coral price.


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@nly04 I didn't go all the way. I ordered online, and they shipped for free. I wanted to support quasi-local and was looking for a cheap frag pack to get started, as this is my first foray into corals.


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Some new pictures.

Done a number of things. I certainly can tidy it all up, but it's nice to have some of this set up.

Set up ATO with kalk in the laundry room to feed through the wall to the sump, which has been great. Still fiddling though with the siphon break not always working properly after I refill the reservoir. Bought a solenoid valve to possibly install. Also have lines for automatic water change using DOS, which has been so nice.


RO/DI setup to feed both NSW reservoir and ATO reservoir.




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Completely redid my aquascape to make it much more sparse, as I took to heart the idea of thinking where you want to go and know that corals will hopefully fill up the space. Ignore some of the rocks just siting on shelfs and in corners. Just moving some of those around, like the rock on the shelf on the left side. I didn't feel like taking it down. I don't want that there long term.

Also, the AI Hydra light mounts that came with the tank weren't my favorite, so I was going to buy new light mounts. Once I started adding up the costs of new mounts, I ended up going a different route and getting the Aquatic Life X18 hybrid fixture. Figured that will be enough light no matter what direction I go.

T5 only

LED only