My 170g cube

I'm not expecting them to work. A lot of reviews complain about failure after a year or two and based on the icecap label on these, they are older than dirt.
I did plug them in to charge and I'll check the voltage tomorrow. Probably should have done that before I ordered the cables....
Got my replacement cables from Ecotech today.

One of the battery backups I picked up isn't working, only putting out 4v.

The other seems to work well.

The power supplies they came with are not the right ones (wall warts) but I had a compatible one laying around. Replacement power supplies from ecotech are $50 ea....
Not related to my tank but I made some price signs for a vendor.

It definitely could look better if I used a smaller diameter nozzle.
Got my hands on a calcium reactor. Spent the day getting it running and the process of dialing it in begins.

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