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My 170g cube

That is nice, assuming you have everything plugged into your Apex. I'm curious about your cost though, that's a daily cost? in which case you're paying 18 cents per kWh? Daaaaaaymn what plan do you got for such "low" rates.
I actually pay 15¢ but my water change stuff isn't through the apex so I overestimate.

I get my utilities from the city and it's pretty cheap, especially compared to PG&E. I also don't have to worry about outages to avoid wildfires.

Reef Geek 3D Printing
My hydor ato has been giving me grief lately. False high water alarms several times a day.
Its been running for over 2 years and I figured it was just dying.

My house has been at exactly the same temp as my as my tank for most of the day, several days a week.

Reef Geek 3D Printing