My 170g cube


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The corals look great! You seem to be on top of your water quality. Since there is no algae in your tank besides coralline what do you feed the tangs?
The corals look great! You seem to be on top of your water quality. Since there is no algae in your tank besides coralline what do you feed the tangs?
I have some patches of cyano in several places, especially since I raised the tank Temps.

They get pellets twice a day by an auto feeder, nori every day that I remember to do it. Soaked mysis 3 times a week.

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Adding a calcium reactor had an impact on my overall ph of about 0.1 drop. My wife is also off work for a few months and my daughter is home for summer.

My co2 scrubber media is only lasting about a week now and that's with the recycled air system.

I built a Kalkwasser reactor with magnetic stirrer and used one of my empty dosing pumps to help boost ph.

On the other hand, corals are growing faster than ever.

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Well. A lot of family stuff is going on so the tank has fallen significantly on the priority list.

Been dealing with low ph still and I'm out of scrubber media. The 5gal jug I had lasted 18 months and for $100, it was a good deal. I just don't have $100 in the budget to replace it.

Mixing station is in the garage and it's hitting 120° just about every day. Unless I leave the garage door open all night, the mixed water never drops below 85 degrees. Water changes are done on low temp nights and just before the sun comes up. They are few and far between right now. Started dosing NO3-PO4X (2ml/day) to help offset my lack of water changes. This is of course causing more ph issues but the system is maintaining 10ppm No3 and 0.04ppm PO4. Calcium reactor and kalk reactor (on dosing pump and magnetic stirrer) is keeping alk dead level between 7.9 and 8.0. Calcium and magnesium are a little high but stable.

Had stn on a few pieces and rtn on my Walt Disney colony over night.

Feeling stretched thin. I don't know if I will put much effort into it if more sps dies. I'll likely focus on what's happy with the system as it is instead of trying to adjust something to keep a mixed reef happy.

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Sorry to hear you’re going through a rough patch right now. I hope things turn around for you.


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Just keep on chugging. Eventually you’ll come out of the rough patch.

Maybe do small water changes and bring the water in the house and ice it down first to get to temp
They are doing OK. Lost a few sps and I'm not in a hurry to replace them. No water changes in about 6 weeks since I ran out of salt. Aptasia has run rampant in the display and frag tank. Coral banded shrimp eats any peppermint shrimp I put in the display, no chance of catching him a net. He's not food aggressive so I probably won't catch him in a trap either.

Calcium reactor has been my saving grace. I'm only testing once a week or so and everything I can test for is dead stable. Something is missing, all my clams also died.

Spent a few hours cleaning the glass for the first time in a few months. Found a stray jawbreaker in a crevice. Found some Monti growing on the back side of the rocks, not sure what it is or how it got there.

Purple wall octospawn is dying. Not sure why.

Everything else is doing great. Caught these two hosting an empty skull ornament that's under a frag rack.

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