Our mission

The 225 Gal Monster

Time to let it cure. 3 days before I can touch the tank. Work on the stand will continue this weekend making the floor for the sump so it's not sitting on the carpet. Anyone know any delivery services for salt water? It would take a while for me to fill it with my 75gpd RODI.
Let Bob deliver the water
why waste the FW….
I'll probably go with Mike. Hopefully ready within the next few days. Planning on finishing up the base of the stand today and try and get all the plumbing knocked out tomorrow. Finished putting the eurobrace back to factory. Need to wait until tomorrow to put the glass support piece over the rear. Needed to order a new tube of momentive rtv108 (clear) as the tube I got was almost dried out and too thick to work with.


Here's some snaps of the front of the center brace after cleanup of excess silicone.

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Ok, project was halted for a while due to work and other life stuff getting in the way. Finally got the cabinet floor made and will be going with shower pan liner for waterproofing and emergency spill catch. Hoping to pick up the final pieces for plumbing tomorrow but will have to wait for my new pump as I'm going to return the Jebao DCP-13000 I got and get a new gen wifi controlled Jebao pump. Eventually I may run dual return pumps.

Anyone have a table saw I could use to rip the doors? I only have a circular saw and my cuts aren't as straight as I'd like for doors. Going to use 1/4in thick boards and just make panels that will magnet on so it will be a clean low profile look with no handles.
Finally got time to work on the tank again. Works been taking a lot out of me lately. Just waiting on bulkheads for the drain plate on top of sump to be delivered tomorrow and my drain side will be finished. I have another gate valve for the other 1.5in drain on the left and added a union on the long 1.5in going across the tank. The other two already have unions so I can remove the drain plate easily for maintenance.

Planning on trying to plumb the return line tomorrow before the event at Kenny's.