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Volunteers Needed for the 2019 Regional Frag Swap


Thanks for the offers of help, just about every position is sufficiently staffed I feel except for Coral/bonus check in. So if anyone has an eye for coral/names that'd be great! As always though if you are around at the end, more hands makes cleanup happen faster.

Thanks to all who have offered to volunteer.
1. Setup: @glee @JVU @sfsuphysics
2. Member Check in: @MolaMola @2manyhobbies
3. Frag Tank Setup: <Not Needed>
4. Coral/Bonus Check in: <need someone knowledgeable>, @JVU
5. Frag Runner during Setup: @glee
6. Announcer: @Wlachnit
7. Coral Police: @sfsuphysics @juanfdezdc @Mozby
8. Cleanup: @Zero Gravitas @Apon @Alexx @borker

Areas of need still
Coral/Bonus check in. Someone with a bit of knowledge and can not take crap from people trying to pawn off a brown tenius as a Homewrecker :)
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Can help with member check-in if needed.
Might be able to help with setup. Instead of bringing old frags home Friday in a bucket and taking new frags back Monday, I would like to try my luck with school security and do it all there on Saturday, but it could involve delay.
Will you need people to bring folding tables or does Seven Stills have them?
We will need tables, while they do have some tables I don't think it would be enough, at least for the corals. I think using their tables for the whole check-in/raffle/etc stuff should be more than fine. I think I'd like to use their tables as "emergency backup options" There's always a question mark over how many corals will show up to events like these.
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More than happy to simply assign tasks for people if they don't want to be specific in said tasks they want to help with however if you could please mention when you plan on being there.

Setup - 10am (ish)
Check in/runners - 11am
Everything other than cleanup 12:15pm
Cleanup - whenever you get there :)

Picking should start at 12:30pm if you're doing other things Announcer or Police then you should be there before people start picking :)

I would say add probably 15+ minutes to whatever Google Maps tells you the driving time is just to find parking and walk to the place. I think only on 24th do they have parking meters, Potrero (nearest major cross street) you can park free but proximity to SF General might make that hard, in the streets around lots of residential unfortunately with too many driveways, but do note that the posted time limit parking is M-F only so you can park however long you want. Neighborhood isn't dangerous or scary though if you're worried about parking too far away, I parked over on Bryant between 25 & 26th and it was a fine walk. There is parking at the Hospital parking lot but it is SF garage rates not Chabot rates :D
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I’ll help with setup and general help during the entire swap (payment issues, raffle issues, stuff always comes up).


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I'm open for any roles other people don't want that don't require a ton of coral expertise!
Depending upon the place, didn't see if there was any sort of PA system or anything might need to employ some secondary announcers so if people are in different areas there's someone announcing the upcoming picking order so no one misses out.