6/1 Members-Only Frag Swap at Mission Blue Center

Will you be attending the frag swap?

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Given the discussion we've had in another thread about ticket pre-purchases and whether members have to be present or not, I'm posting this here as well.

Members do not have to attend/be present to participate in the raffle. However, the board will not coordinate ticket purchases/submissions, and this must be done and coordinated between members.

What this means is that people who wish to attend remotely have to speak with someone who will be going, work out payment, and the person who's going to go must write their information (name + phone number) on each ticket. As much as we hate making members feel like they're missing out because of prior commitments, digital ticket pre-sales is a logistical nightmare, and we've got our hands full setting up and running the swap itself without having to fill out dozens of tickets for members by hand.
Just pay attention to the amount of cups, I almost paid $10 for only 4 cups. Just going by the pictures. So just be sure to read the description of how many you are getting with so many options and different sellers it's easy to overlook.

I ended up getting 25 of the 4oz ones for like $9.99

5.5 would probably be better in terms of size.


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Reminder that there will be a table for sharing DBTC items as well, as mentioned in the first post.

You bring items you want to share in DBTC. People pick out what they’d like and sign up that they did so in a notebook we’ll have there. Later we post a pic of the list, and the giver updates who took what. It’s a nice easy way to share in the DBTC program without having to arrange and coordinate separate pickups.