I'm back!

I did make a stupid mistake. I put a clownfish and a powder blue tang in a bucket with a large chalice. Put in a heater and an air stone to take them to work the next morning. The chalice slimmed up and the water got milky. Neither fish survived.

I hate making stupid mistakes.
Yeah. It's an algae farm right now. The rocks don't grow much algae for some reason. The fish (foxface, scopas tang, yellow tang and flame angel) are constantly grazing on it.
The bottom glass algae has finally burnt itself out. It's not growing much anymore and most of it is super easy to scrape away now.

Makes sense that it would have to go through the cycle of crap that grows on a new surface in the system. The glass was dry for several days during the move in January. No I expect to see more coraline start growing there as long as I avoid any big nutrient changes.


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I got 3 colonies of acropora from a tank breakdown.

I made 5 frags (of each colony) and glued the 5 frags about an inch apart on a piece of dry rubble. I left that in the frag "pond" for a few days before taking them to work.

They have been in the office tank for about 2 weeks at this point. They all have a fairly even amount of encrusting growth, about 1/8th inch average.

I have a dosing pump that's adding saturated lime water and alk is holding steady.


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The two bubble tips have settled in nicely. Had to shuffle a few frags around for a week. The gardening task you add when keeping these critters.

The pump guard worked well. Caught one that got blown off a rock overnight.

One looks very happy and the other is improving daily but looks like it was was struggling.


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Some stuff is still mad due to the flame angel nipping.
Almost caught him a few times in the fish trap. If I don't catch him by Friday, I'm doing a big water change and pulling some rocks out to net him.
Just went through your journey ! It’s a roller coaster! Felt the ups and downs as I have had mines as well. I’m new to the forum but awesome stuff! Both Tanks look great. Cool to see the ups and downs in between. Makes you think it’s a have or you don’t hobby when you only seeing great looking tanks everywhere and not the story of how it gets there.