Featured Kessil Tour- Nov 9


Kessil has volunteered to host a BAR visit and tour of their facilities in Richmond again! The tour is planned for Sat, November 9.

From Brendan at Kessil:
I'm thinking we'll shoot for about 10:30am for people to arrive. We'll have coffee, bagels, doughnuts, etc around while people arrive. We'll get started with a quick rundown of lighting, some history, etc - then we'll do a factory tour. We'll adjourn to lunch and some sneak peaks of products that are in development. We'll probably also raffle off a light or a WiFi dongle or some other accessories.

Closed-toed shoes are required. Kids over 6 are ok as long as they stay with their parents.

RSVP here by 11/7 so we can get them a head count for planning.
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Wow nice

I would have loved to do the tour but wouldn’t be able to make it

Really cool please post pictures or videos


Is there a limited amount of space?
Still working out exact details, but I don’t think so (within reason). It is important we give them a head count in advance of the tour though, so those who are interested should sign up.

Please respond to this thread if you are interested, and I’ll keep a running count.

If anyone needs me to raise the cutoff by a year or two to get a break let me know :)
Nah, my kid won't enjoy the tour, heck my wife probably couldn't care less about it either although I think she did come with me for that very first one that happened. Only reason she would want to come is if there was something for her to do in the general area (after kicking me out of the car).