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Mike's 200 & 40 gallon tanks

Thanks John. Yeah those ROYGBIVs have been with me for a while and I've given them out here and there but apparently Jason Fox hasn't called me so they're not that special :D But seriously I named them that for the MARS swap because I had no idea what to call them, calling them "Rainbow" seemed so overused... and honestly a disservice as there is more colors in them than most "Rainbow" coral out there.

Frag tank update
That said, powered down the frag tank. I just got so tired of fighting calcium and alkalinity that I decided it was enough. Only thing in there is a small Rio pump to move water (keep the bacteria alive), heaters off, lights off, Vortech is off. Moved everything to the sandbed of my display tank. I figure it served it's purpose as a QT to make sure nothing cross contaminates my tank. Unfortunately I think the light on my sandbed is brighter than the light in the frag tank and things looking a bit bleached out, oh well stuff I moved over earlier has colored up a bit so I think we're still good, I'm hoping things are good for the frag swap.

40G update
Since the frag tank is down I moved the LEDs over to the 40 and replaced the LEDs there. The old LEDs were a long ago "emergency light" I built, can't remember the exact LED lay out but I know there was 4 neutral white, and 20 royal blue, blue and maybe violet (forget the exact make up) but 2 channels on old meanwell off/on drivers (no dimming). While I didn't mind the "all blue" look when the whites came on (also had 8 royal blues in it) you could see the over saturation of white just made browns that much browner because it was 1amp running full bore. Plus at night when only blues were on it was super bright compared to the 200G tank and that "late night dark look at the tank" immersion that I liked really was getting ruined.

So moved over the other LED fixture that I made, and this one has 4 separate channels, 12 neutral white, 12 royal blue, 12 blue, 12 violet. But what I did is I ran some really long phone wire around the room to tie into the controller on the other tank, (yeah thanks Neptune and every other manufacturer for not supporting PWM!) Now both tanks share the same lighting schedule. Now I know those with off the shelf LED fixtures that have their own built in controllers probably can't feel the joy I have since it's a no brainer to make that work since EVERY fixture has a controller built in it seems (except Kessil... still need to daisy chain those guys), but I like building stuff and I don't think I would enjoy this hobby nearly as much if I simply bought everything that goes on my tank. So when I can I will make stuff. Besides I'll put my fixtures toe to toe with most commercial ones circa 5-6 years ago (when I made them) :)

Also noticed ANOTHER RBTA in the tank. Fortunately this is on the original structure with the main (home) RBTA for the 2 clowns. While I had the idea of letting this go "wild" I really don't want to make it wall to wall RBTAs. Originally I had an idea to mix in some green ones and kind of make it bit rainbowy but unfortunately other color morphs (that are drastically different) are just way too expensive for my tastes (a sour side of the hobby that I have). And I decided to go with soft corals (specifically zoanthids, and if I can get them ricordia). But more importantly I want more than 2 damn clownfish in one 40 gallon tank, and I feel that if I let the RBTAs "go wild" there won't be room for other fish. Currently my 3 chromis seem to be ok with the situation, but I need to see about removing anemones


For frag tank, consider an auto-water-exchange.
New Salt water -> Display tank -> Frag tank -> drain.
As long as your frag tank is small, and auto water exchange is large, it can really just overflow to drain.
It becomes a zero effort tank, and no acclimation needed.
Well I was just going to use a 1 gallon water bottle with kalkwasser and use a dosing pump, I just never got around to doing it, I got the 1gallon jug with kalk, I manually poured in, just didn't go the extra step and put a doser on there to automatically do it. I just felt like now was the time to take the tank down, all corals I had were appropriate QT'd until I was happy no majanos or anything nasty were on them, so moved to my main tank where they can hopefully color up a bit more.

If I ever set up a non-QT frag tank I'm just going to plumb that into the main tank and call it a day.
New addition to the tank, maybe people will give me less crap for the PJ cardinals. Didn't realize my shutter speed was so low though, oh well this is as good as you get for now.



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That’s a beautiful fish - what is it?
It’s really hard to maintain parameters on a small QT tank, I think @rygh hit on a good idea - add “dirty” water from an established tank so nutrients/good bacteria stay present.
That is a Naoko's fairy wrasse, price was too low to pass up on.

And yeah, using tank water for a series of water changes is a pretty good idea, however it requires me to do water changes on the big tank too :) And I'm more of a fan of doing large water changes than staggered smaller ones.
Ok, some swap goodies that are currently hanging out in the QT while I let them acclimate and I have time to go over them with a fine toothed comb, aka magnifying glass although the macro shots often do a similar job.

First off Maureen's class tank, I shall call it... until further notice "Chocolate Acro" :D

I thought I saw a hint of red to it, which is why I took a picture, but nope just a lighter shade of brown :D I am encouraged with the polyps extension though. It may be brown, but it sure looks healthy!

Overall the swap was fun, even though I was the man in charge of making it work :D, really was looking to increase my millepora collection a bit not even with "named" ones just different colors, unfortunately not a millepora to be seen but the SPS sticks were a bit on the low side this swap. The upside is I put in 3 bonus corals that I didn't even realize were bonus corals until someone else brought them as bonus corals, so managed to get 1 bonus ticket.

This was my bonus ticket, I'm really a sucker for digitata, one guy on RC was selling 2 healthy minicolony sized pieces of two digis, one really an OG piece, but those were gone within 5 minutes of posting so when I saw this, I had to snatch it up. I think I may have a piece of it, but it's not looking terribly healthy right now, but hey more to go around and now I have something to compare to.

Picked up an Utter chaos with my first "real" pick, and sure enough this is different from the one I have, that I'm now 100% sure is not.

This is always the case with having multiple tanks, which tank do you get corals for? Well the 200G is kind of reaching capacity, I'll still go for milles and digis but I think I need to sit back and let it grow in before I put a ton of frags 2 inches from each other than wonder why they're crowding each other out in a couple years.

I think this one was Gatorade? I'm guessing the green one, and the orange were "bonus" zoas on the same plug. I may try to separate them though, just in case one grows much faster than the other.... but damn I hate fragging zoas.

This is my "I need to give it some love" piece, a Lime in the Sky acro, the back half of it is completely devoid of flesh, which at first worried me that it was a pest, but seeing all of the corals brought by that person they all have one side which was completely uncovered. So either they fell on the sand bed, and/or were horizontal branches

This was actually my last pick, but same person brought this one. An "Electric Blue" digitata, decided to take a chance on it because ... digitata, :) I know the issues with "blue" digitatas, is that they polyps are blue but the base is typically brown. This one is a bit on the skinny side, but we'll let it grow out a bit see what's up, and if it stays ick.. then it'll move to the softy tank where it's on it's own :D

Couple broken frags in the container, glued them horizontal on a plug, again will see what they do.

In addition to Millepora & Digitata, I'm a sucker for Acan (Micromussa) Lords. I haven't had any for a long time, and I haven't decided where to put these, part of me thinks softy tank but then I have to worry about calcium and alkalinity in that tank. Part of me thinks my 200G tank, even though I said that's going to be an SPS only tank... I would need to put a bommie in the middle or something to make sure they stay separated though, with no accidental "falling into" situations. We'll see though, either way I"m happy these guys want food right away :D
Here's some non-frag swap related stuff I got too

What I said about acans? Yup, and this is under my "white" lights too, they pop even more under just blues.

Nice looking "traditional" ones, with the candy cane perimeter, I like the pinkish/purple interior though. Again where do I put these... :D

This one is a Vietnamese zoanthid rock, not sure if this came straight out of the water (I'm guessing it did due to that bivalve on it), but it's a good sized piece I'm going to probably end up chopping into smaller pieces most likely, maybe DBTC it for people if there's any interest.

Nothing super special about the coloration, it's "nice" but nice is fine by me. This was more for the "instant gratification" for my softy tank that has exactly 2 frag plugs of zoas in it maybe 10 zoas total :D

Super sexy top down, under the water surface with a super macro lens photo :D