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Hello my name is John aka Bula. Pronounced's Fijian for Hello and Good bye. There's a story that goes with that nickname....but it also reminds me of the great reefs in Fiji that I was lucky to see a while ago and my reef aquarium.

I have had my reef aquarium for more than two years. It is a 60 gallon glass tank with an overflow and two addition pumps. I recently upgraded my lighting system from dual 250 watt bulbs Hamilton Deluxe hood system to a 400 watt dual system. I have a mix of SPS and soft corals. I will transition from a mix set up to an all SPS system. I have lots of questions about how best to run my system. I know I could be doing better and my first step was joining your club. Unfortunate for me, I will miss the Frag Swap but I will be coming out to the BOD in March.




Hello everyone,

I got into reefing 15 months ago and started out with 40gal fish tank for my 3-yr old son. I like it so much that I upgraded my tank to 75 Gal 6 months later. Who knew.!
Now, i'm slowly getting into SPS. I will post pictures of my tank later.

Anyway, I'm happy to be here and to hope to learn more from you guys.



Hi, I was a member of BARE back in the day, and I remember my last meeting a frag swap and Eddie's Tropical Paradise. At that meeting SteveTyree was a guest speaker and he spoke about tank lighting. After that, the club went thru some issues and now I decided to join after meeting with the club's treasurer at ATL a couple of months ago. I am a SPS addict and been a reefer since 1998. What I love about this hobby is that you learn something new all the time. I always hang out on RC and now, I guess here too. Hopefully my frags will grow so I can participate in the swaps too.


Hello Everyone, i have been a lurker for some time now. My name is Adolfo and have been reefing for little over a year now. I currently have a 60 gallon mixed reef.

I will eventually post a tank thread with my tank in the near future.



This is my first attempt at salt water. Have a 64 gallon planted fresh water and an 80 gal red eared slider turtle tank. For years my wife has suggested we try salt water. December 20th we purchased a 14 gal Bio Cube to setup a mini reef in our daughter’s room. Been reading as much as I can and have found this forum very helpful.


hey i'm new. my name is Adam. i live in Campbell.

i've been reefing for 10+ years... a few years back i lost my two tanks to a house fire, but was able start up again with frags that i had sprinkled around in all my friends tanks. right now i've got a 20g cube and a 55g hex. i recently picked up an HD video camera, i'll be posting videos of my tanks to youtube soon. :D

oh and i'm very interested in this trading thing.


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Hey Rick and Adam, welcome to BAR!



hey everyone. my name is daniel. i live in santa clara.

i joined BAR a while back but haven't really posted here much. i post on NCNRS and sometimes NR.

i have a 29g mixed reef w/ 250w MH (overkill), an mp40w, a 15g sump/fuge, doc 9002.

lately i've been trying to get into sps. i really like montis and am starting to get into acros. problem is, my light is burning my montis to bits. i gotta do something about that.

see you guys (and girls) around.


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My name is Dave, live in El Cerrito, thought it was a good idea to (re)join BAR. I've got little kids so I've been reefless for the last 3 yrs but have ALL the gear and am planning to set back up. I have been running zero-maintenance FW planted tanks in that time in my garage to get by.

Anyway time to get back into it and I look forward to stopping by a meeting or two and making some posts here and there. I mean, I think about it enough...