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Invited Speakers for 2021

Invited Speaker Series
Following our successful speaker events last year, we are going to continue our Speaker series this year. Any further suggestions would be welcome and if you would like to champion a speaker, that would even be better! We are also funded to offer honorariums to the speakers.

There were a lot of great suggestions last year.
  1. Joe Caparatta, Unique Corals: topic? (Suggested by @wfong)
  2. Rich Ross- Spoke in December 2020
  3. Terrence from Neptune, hosts of the Skimmate podcast: Topic TBD?(suggested by @ofzakaria, @coralreefer)
  4. Eli Meyer, Aquabiomics: talk on tank microbiome and how to improve it (suggested by @Chromis)
  5. (The guys from), Legendary Corals: running a coral business (suggested by @coralreefer)
  6. John, YourReef: running a coral business (suggested by @coralreefer)
  7. Eliot Lim, Marine Collectors: Possibly topic on quarantining/treating diseases in marine fish, sourcing and caring for rarer fish (suggested by @pbh-reef)
  8. Mark Callahan, “Mr Saltwater Tank”: Maybe a topic he’s written a book on, “The no-nonsense guide to preventing and curing nuisance algae outbreaks” (suggested by @jonmos75)
  9. John Coppolino, expert hobbyist: Maybe a talk on his super-tank setup? Or adventures collecting and keeping dwarf angelfish? (Suggested by @Wlachnit)
  10. “Acro Al” from Australia - topic: clam breeding/husbandry (suggested by @EBJ)
  11. Vincent Chalias, Indonesia mariculture: Corals’ natural habitat and should we try to imitate it or best it in our aquariums? (Suggested by @Chromis)
  12. Dr. Tim Hovanec, Dr.Tim’s Aquatics: tank cycling, diatoms, dinos (crystophytes?) (Suggested by @ofzakaria)
  13. Charles Delbeek, Curator, Steinhart Aquarium: Spoke December 2020.
  14. Julian Sprung, book author: topic?
  15. Randy Holmes-Farley, chemist/Reef2Reef chemistry forum expert - BAR Q&A, trace elements functions? (Suggested by @Oakland Evan) - feedback is that he doesn't do speaker engagements
Someone who can speak on what trace elements do (for coral coloration, other biological processes) - ideas?
- I found Craig Bingman in past BAR speakers, who else might be a good speaker for this topic?

Also - does anyone from BAR volunteer to moderate popular topic discussions over Zoom? Ideas:
1. Programming Apex (participants bring both questions and tips)
2. @Corallus ?, DSLR-specific tank photography (repeat talk from Aug 2020 - hey, the slides are already done right?)

Last year's thread can be found here.

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