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Calling any Fire Victims That Lost Livestock

To all Supporting Members,
One of our members' friend from SoCal has generously offered to provide a FREE gift pack of corals to any of our members that lost livestock due to evacuations from the fires. The plan would to get these shipped to one location early in November so that folks don't come home to an empty tank during Thanksgiving. I know there were several members that evacuated. So, please let me know if anyone is interested.

Edit: I meant to mention that he is a wholesaler in SoCal.

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Apon wrote on jestersix's profile.
FYI posted on your sponsor thread.
wrestle1952 wrote on ancientz's profile.
Interested in your Monti plates. How large and how much?

Wilson Nacario
tankguy wrote on ofzakaria's profile.
I found your oregon tort from my guy in Sac. Waiting to hear back on when his next trip this way. Let me know if your still interested and I'll get his price.
Trying to restabilize display tank