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Event: How to Frag/Dip Corals

We'll be having a lil informal class on fragging and dipping corals. This timing should work well for our Member Frag Swap in April.

  • Date:Saturday Mar 21, 2020
  • Start Time:12:30PM
  • Location: @Wlachnit Will's house in Pleasanton.
  • Address closer to the event.
We'll cover different techniques for fragging different corals.
  • Which tools work best for which corals under certain circumstances.
  • Which corals should be fragged and which ones cannot be fragged.
  • What to do after you frag a coral? (e.g., don't put fresh cut fleshy corals in high flow or the skin will rip off
Please reply to the thread if you will be coming...and if you have any corals to bring that you want fragged.

Also, who has the Bandsaw? We will need this for the event.

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